When you run a successful professional service operation, your monthly accounts payable and receivable process can take considerable time to complete. If you are still managing your accounts with paper, there’s a better way. Learn how private jet membership and aircraft management company Jet Linx Aviation took its accounts payable process to new heights by switching to an electronic system.

About Jet Linx

Jet Linx Aviation operates 17 locations nationwide, serving 1,600 members and managing more than 90 aircraft. Before working with Bishop Business to go paperless and streamline their operation, Jet Linx processed more than 13,000 invoices every month.

What Kept Jet Linx’s Accounts Payable System Grounded

Every month, Jet Linx would retrieve, scan, and mail paper invoices to its members and aircraft owners. These records were manually entered into the company’s two main software systems, which were unable to communicate with each other. If the company received electronic invoices, staff printed them to be processed and filed. Together, this process took hours every week to complete.

In addition to hours of manual data entry and paper use, lead maintenance technicians across the company’s 17 locations had to communicate across departments to approve and process payable invoices. This process could take months, resulting in delays in processing payments for vendors and sometimes, credit holds on Jet Linx accounts. The aviation company needed a solution.

Prepared for Takeoff with Electronic Accounts Payable

Jet Linx worked with Bishop Business to streamline their accounts payable operation. We developed a fully automated, paperless solution with our partner Laserfiche to bring an end to the turbulence. With Laserfiche, Jet Linx seamlessly integrated their software systems to allow team members to efficiently communicate, manage workflows, and approve work orders. The integration has reduced processing times and improved communication between associates and clients.

Using the Quick Fields function in Laserfiche, the Jet Linx team simply scans documents and lets the system do the rest. The software automatically identifies and places the document in the correct folder, ending monotonous and time-consuming manual data entry. Additionally, the Workflow function ensures timely and accurate processing.

Before switching to an electronic accounts payable system, Jet Linx stored paper records in filing cabinets, physically filing every invoice. The company maintained offsite storage to house these records. With Laserfiche, all documents are stored electronically, eliminating the space, time, and cost required to maintain paper records. Jet Linx has reclaimed valuable resources to use in more powerful and exciting ways. “The limits of Laserfiche are purely based on what can be thought of and designed by the user,” reports Jet Linx Director of IT Jeremy Parks. “We are now exploring a number of projects in which we will be using its tools to improve the way we do business, with more opportunities coming into focus every day.”

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