A recent writeup in the Omaha World-Herald about Mutual of Omaha’s new headquarters got us thinking: as companies continue to make changes to work models, have they changed how they manage and share documents both digitally and in print?

Mutual of Omaha Tower Rethinks the Workplace

When Mutual of Omaha committed to building its new headquarters in downtown Omaha, the company halved its office space because it expects just 2,400 employees to be working on-site every day due to remote and hybrid work. A hybrid work model with shared coworking space seems to be the trend and it is causing leadership to rethink how to support employees with technology that is right for the new model.

During the pandemic, many downtown office towers sat empty as workers stayed home. Yet, now every day another enterprise organization is in the news with many announcing a hybrid, coworking model just as Mutual of Omaha is doing.  As a result, companies of all sizes are rethinking their office space needs, how they support the team in the office and out of the office, as well as their company culture.

Whether your company is fully remote, in the office or a hybrid model, your office support needs likely have changed.  If you’ve made a change to your space, or are considering there are key questions you need to ask that can save your company money as well as provide a better working environment for your employees.

  • When is the last time you accessed your office equipment inventory? Do you need the same number of machines that you had in the past?
  • Has your copy and print inventory been right-sized for you based on the volume your in office team needs or are you paying for copies and prints that you aren’t running?
  • How do your employees share documents between in office and remote workers in a safe and secure means?
  • Do your employees feel they are working in a vacuum with limited access to information when they aren’t physically in the office?

Changing work models is a catalyst for making other changes.   If you are making changes to your office environment in 2023, Bishop Business can help you evaluate your future business machine and paperless document storage needs. We’re an independent, local business just like you and understand the pressures you face to save costs while maintaining a vibrant company culture and workplace.

To learn more about your options, you can get in touch with us at bbec.com or give us a call at 402-537-8000 today.

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Dave Bishop