This holiday season, retailers will encourage consumers to shop local in Omaha. Bishop Business is a supporter of this effort. As an independent company based in Omaha, we understand that it’s America’s local shops and entrepreneurs that make the country run.

While you already may be planning to do your holiday shopping at local stores, we encourage you to shop local for your business-to-business needs, too. Here’s why.

Local Decision Making

When a business is based in your hometown, it’s invested in the success of your community. When you shop local in Omaha, you are supporting businesses who care as much about your city as you do. As an independent business with locations in Omaha and Lincoln, Bishop Business is a part of the local economy. We make decisions based on our local market and strive to positively contribute to the business community and our neighbors.

Jobs Stay Local

National firms employ people in your community. But often, branch locations of national companies only offer opportunities at a certain pay scale. Employees must move to a different city to take a promotion. When you shop local, you support companies that provide all sorts of jobs. Local companies hire everyone, from youth looking for internships to C-level executives and everyone in between. When we promote someone, we don’t ask them to move across the state or across the country.

Local Customer Service

At Bishop Business and many other independent, local companies, when you call us, you get a real person based in Omaha or Lincoln. No confusing phone trees or overseas team members. For us, maintaining a local customer service team means we can offer personalized, fast customer service. That’s something the national chains just can’t offer.

Where to Buy Local

As a proud member of the Omaha and Lincoln independent business community, Bishop Business encourages you to shop local for your business-to-business needs. For listing of local businesses head to the Chamber of Commerce business listing, or connect with us and we’d be happy to share some great local businesses to shop with.

Ready to shop local for your business machine needs? You can get in touch with us at or give us a call at 402-537-8000 today.