As a locally owned company, Bishop Business is driven by a different set of values than our big national competitors. We’re not beholden to stockholders or driven exclusively by the numbers. If we were, we could never deliver on the superior quality of service our customers expect.

Our experienced employees are major drivers of our success. Bishop Business has a team of unmatched service professionals with an average tenure of 15 to 20 years. Together, they manage more than 10,000 machines for customers that range from the mom and pop shops to major hospitals to school districts and nationwide organizations with locations all over the country. Their expertise is why our customers find such great value in working with Bishop Business.

Our People Living Our Values Make the Difference

It’s not enough to say that our people make the difference. When you work with Bishop Business, you see how our people living our values make a true difference in the service you experience with us. At Bishop, we live by our CARE values:

  • Confidence: Our employees understand that being confident and working hard produces character in ourselves, excellence in our products, and peace of mind for those who depend on our services.
  • Appreciation: Our employees live and breathe gratitude toward their customers, colleagues, and suppliers.
  • Relationship: Our employees create positive, meaningful relationships with customers. No transactional experiences here.
  • Empathy: Our employees put themselves in your shoes to promote positivity, optimism, and productivity. Walking together allows us to walk farther.

How do we know that this approach works? Our average employee tenure of 15 to 20 years is certainly an indicator. So are the results of our annual Gallup Q12 surveys that anonymously ask employees how we’re doing. In 2022, we exceeded our goals and scored in the top 85th percentile for engaged employees.

Hire for Vision, Train for Mission

At Bishop, we have engaged employees doing great work for you. We say that we hire for vision and train for mission. We look for new team members who want to wow their customers time and time again (our vision). This is the part that’s difficult to train. Once we find the right hire, we train them on how they can find better ways for our customers to do great work (our mission).

What this means for you is that you will work with experts who are trained and certified to sell and service every type of machine. It takes an average of two weeks of training for a single technician to become certified on a single machine. It’s an investment, but we never shortchange on training because it empowers our team members to fix your issue the right way the first time.

When It’s Tough for Some of Us, It’s Tough for All of Us

Taking care of our employees and their families is more important than our bottom line. When things get tough for some of us, they get tough for all of us. That’s why we didn’t furlough any employees due to the pandemic. We hunkered down and hung in there through COVID. We did not want to lay off staff because we knew business would pick up again and wanted our long-term staff with us when it did.

Fast forward to today, and we’re ahead of the competition because we kept our talented, highly trained team. We’re ramped up and ready to serve you!  Our commitment to our employees and their families has created the best team in the business, which is the main driver of our success.

Ready to put our talented team to work for you? You can get in touch with us at or give us a call at 402-537-8000 to discuss your business machine needs.